Travel Loyalty Program launches with The Flight Centre Greenslopes

By establishing a referral scheme with us, the Second Chance Programme will earn and receive travel rewards. These rewards are based on 1% of the value of each booking made by your members, family and friends.

How does it work?
● Flight Centre Greenslopes will pay Second Chance Programme 1% of the total amount of any bookings made by customers referred to us
● Simply quote the code #SECONDCHANCE
● Travel rewards will be paid quarterly to Second Chance Programme
● This scheme is only applicable to bookings made at Flight Centre Greenslopes.
● Amount of travel rewards is uncapped, so there are no limits to the amount Second Chance Programme can receive.

Great value
Importantly, 1% incentive paid to you is not an additional charge to your members.

You’d be surprised how fast it adds up!
For example: a booking to Europe for two people inclusive of flights, taxes, insurance, accommodation and rail or car hire can be valued at $10,000. For each booking like this, Second Chance Programme would receive $100.

Book now with:
Manager: Flight Centre Greenslopes

1300 139 245|0478076681 (text)
Shop 5, IGA Marketplace 620 Logan Road Greenslopes QLD 4120, Australia