Sleep out exceeds goal!

WE are not often speechless here at Second Chance but today we are almost. The architects of Brisbane slept out on August 5 with the aim of raising money to benefit homeless and at-risk women and children throughout Queensland. They set a goal of $65,000. As I’m writing this, it has just hit more than $90,000! Wonderful organisers, Michael Dixon and Kelly Greenop, deserve a medal – and a good sleep-in. And also the leading architectural firm, BVN Architecture, which raised an astounding $25,552. We will bring you more details soon of the various teams. But to all the wonderful rough-sleepers and those who sponsored them, your efforts are much appreciated!

Background: Every year in the coldest months of the year, architects, students, and academics brave the cold to sleep outside to raise funds for Second Chance Programme. The sleepout campaign will start July 11, running for four weeks culminating in a sleepout on August 5th, coinciding with National Homelessness Week. Brisbane architectural practices and organisations establish fund-raising teams in a bit of friendly rivalry. If you would like to support them, the link to the Grassrootz fund-raising site can be found HERE. Any support is welcome. As Second Chance is 100% volunteer-powered, every dollar counts.